Procurement Awards

Last Update on 25th February 2015


The procurement Management Division of the Department of Public Finance monitors procurements relating to all Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committees, Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committees, and Ministry Procurement Committees. For other procurements, please visit the website of the respective institutions. You may find those websites at Sri Lanka Government Web Portal.

Ministry of Highways, Higher Education and Investment Promotion

Published On: 2015-02-25
Authority: Road Development Authority
Description: Construction of Customer Care Centre at Thorana Junction
Contract No: RDA/CKE/GOSL/2014/06
Date of Letter of Acceptance: 2015-02-06
Name of the Successful Bidder: Luminex (Pvt) Ltd, 24, New Galle Road, Moratuwa.
Contract Amount: Rs. 28,297,100.52 (excluding VAT)


Ministry of Investment Promotion


Published On: 2014-08-28
Authority: Board of Investment of Sri Lanka
Description: Supply & Installation of Electromechanical Components for Augmentation/Upgrading of the Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) of Katunayake Export Processing Zone
Contract No: BOI/INF/KEPZ/2012/14/03.009
Date of Letter of Acceptance:  
Name of the Successful Bidder: M/S Sierra Construction (Pvt) Ltd
Contract Amount: Rs 389,506,750.70 + VAT
Comments: Cabinet Meeting held on 31 July 2014 has approved to award the above work to M/S Sierra Construction (Pvt) Ltd at Contract Price of Rs 389,506,750.70 + VAT.