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Secretary to the Treasury

Mr K M Mahinda Siriwardana, Secretary to the Treasury and Ministry of Finance, 
Economic Stabilization and National Policies

Mr K M Mahinda Siriwardana assumed duties as Secretary to the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization and National Policies on April 8, 2022. He is a Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) since February 2020 and is on release to this post. He has almost 33 years of service in the Central Bank. As a Deputy Governor of CBSL, he supervised numerous departments, including Economic Research, International Operations, Domestic Operations, Public Debt, Statistics, Regional Development, Human Resources, Risk Management, Currency and Communications of the CBSL. Prior to his appointment as a Deputy Governor, he held the key positions of Assistant Governor and Director of Economic Research Department of the CBSL.

Mr Siriwardana was on release to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the Alternate Executive Director for the Constituency comprised of Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka during July 2017 to October 2019.

He was also on release to the Ministry of Finance from October 2010 to April 2015 to serve as the Director General of the Fiscal Policy Department and also as an Additional Director General of the National Planning Department.

Mr Siriwardana served as the ex-officio Member of the Monetary Board of the CBSL until mid-September 2023. At present, he serves as a Member of the Finance Commission, a Member of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission and the Chairman of Sustainable Development Council. He has served as the Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee and Market Operations Committee as well as a Member of the Corporate Management Committee (CMC) of Central Bank. Mr Siriwardana has served as a Member of several Special Standing Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committees (SSCAPCs) of the government. He has also served as a Member of the Board of Directors/Treasury Representative in several institutions, including Bank of Ceylon, Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, National Savings Bank, Sri Lanka Ports Authority, Board of Investments of Sri Lanka, Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Export Credit Insurance Corporation and Sri Lanka Vocational Training Authority.

He holds a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Economics and a Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Development from the Vanderbilt University, USA and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Special) Degree in Economics from the University of Kelaniya. Mr. Siriwardana has participated in a number of international training programs in many areas, including macroeconomic management, macroeconomic diagnostics and forecasting, monetary policy and implementation, central banking, government finance, public financial management, public debt management, and financial programming and policies. He has published several articles in various research publications.