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Hon. Minister Eran State Minister of Finance

Hon. Eran Wickramaratne

State Minister of Finance

Prior to assuming duties as the State Minister of Finance, Hon. Wickramaratne was the Deputy Minister of Public Enterprise Development and Deputy Minister of Investment Promotions and Highways. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Politics and a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of London. He is also an Eisenhower Fellow.

Mr. Wickramaratne began his professional career at Citibank where he became the Vice President. He then moved to National Development Bank (NDB) as the CEO and transformed NDB Group under his stewardship to become one of Sri Lanka’s most successful financial institutions. However, in 2010, at the zenith of his banking career, he decided to respond to a call of his conscience, giving up his lucrative banking career to serve his country as a politician.

Mr. Wickramaratne was founder Chairman of the Information Communication Technology Agency (ICTA). He pioneered the Government of Sri Lanka’s ICT led development programme, e-Sri Lanka and spearheaded the first ICT Act of the Sri Lankan Parliament. Eran’s foundation on the field and off the field as the opening batsman, Captain of the Hockey team and Head Prefect at his Alma mater, destined him to advocate for a Sri Lanka that grows in unity, equality and opportunity.