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Q14: How to append Sub office file by the Head office?

  • Click the Append Sub office file in the main menu of the CIGAS system.

  • Browse and select Sub office file (

  • Click on unzip button. Then a message will be displayed saying “unzip completed”. Click OK to that message.

  • Then click on Decrypt button    Go to encrypt_decrypt window’s right side called Decrypt.

  • Click on Browse button on decrypt side.

  • Go to C:\CIGAS_SYSTEM_UTILITY (The system will automatically show you this folder)    open folder. Ex: TBOC_Jul_07_07_2014    Click on BOC_Jul_07_07_2014_csv.encrypt    Click on Open button    click on Decrypt button in right side.

  • Click OK to message “Decryption complete”.

  • Close that encrypt_decrypt window.

  • Click on Cash book 2 Temp button on Append_sub_office_Summary window.

  • Then click on first excel file called BOC.Jul.07.07.2014.csv    Click on Open.

  • Click OK to the message “Accounting month is ok?”.

  • Click on Summary button in Append_sub_office_summary window.

  • Finally click on Validate button.