• To promote Sri Lanka as preferred FDI destination in the region

  • To improve the position of Ease of Doing Business Index to below 50

  • To gain industrial friendly tariff regime

  • To promote US$ 25 billion trading economy by 2020

  • To issue concessionary vehicle permits for public sector officers

  • To implement competitive advantage trade agreements for trade


  • To simplify the existing investment authorization policies in next two years

  • To eliminate the restrictions which discourage the investment in next two years

  • To strengthen the Temporary Importation for Export Processing (TIEP) Scheme and Bonded Warehouse Policy in next three years

  • To organize the dialogue with relevant stakeholders for preparing a policy for SME sector within the period of one year

  • To introduce mechanism to improve Small Entrepreneurs to Medium Entrepreneurs and Medium Entrepreneurs to large scale within two years

  • To assist the entrepreneurs providing necessary information through customer friendly database within next two years

  • Preparation of legal guidance for outward investors

  • To streamline the issuing of public officers’ concessionary vehicle permits within the year

  • To promote US$ 15 billion trade in goods by 2017

  • To minimize tariff related issues below 10% within next two years

  • To promote free trade agreements based on reciprocal benefits within the asymmetrical nature of island trading economy

  • To promote free trade agreements which provide access to the global value chain trading / industries




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