• Provision of accounting support to the Govt. organizations for execution of the National Budget.

  • Maintenance of Accounting Data-Base by collecting data from all accounting units for generation of statistical information.

  • Continuously enhance the quality of State Accounts in line with International Accounting Standards.

  • Ensuring Accountability and transparency for Public Financial Management.

  • Development, maintenance and implementation support of computerized accounting software systems at accounting units to generate accounting information automatically in related electronic formats.

  • Describe and interpret statistics for decision making to enhance timeliness on accounting reporting and quality on financial information therein.

  • Undertake research for development of indicators for non-financial performance for the purpose of integration with financial performance.


  • Operation of Centralized Accounting System to record financial transactions of all government institutions and publication of Quarterly and Annual Accounts of State.

  • Implementation of computer based accounting system in all government institutions, preparation of accounts and provision of improved management information system on such basis and have them updated to meet changing needs.

  • Maintenance of accounting and financial analysis system for effective utilization of Foreign Aid and Accounting of Public Debt.

  • Continuous review and upgrading of Public Accounting System, issue of instruction and guideline to maintain accounting systems and procedure to accord with accepted standards and provision of training facilities for accounting staff. Provide accounting information on Revenue and Expenditure to the Auditor General, Central Bank, IMF, ADB and similar instructions.




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