• Assist the Attorney General’s Department on legal, legislative and regulatory matters and on Agreements and Contracts pertaining to Foreign Loans and Grants signed between the Government and other states, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, to ensure that well considered advice in relation to the work of the Ministry could be obtained.

  • Assist the Legal Draftsman with the finalization of draft laws and regulations and passage of which are initiated either by the Ministry or by Institutions coming under purview of the Ministry.

  • Make representations along with other relevant officials of the Ministry at discussions on Agreements and Contracts relating to foreign loans and grants signed between the Secretary to the Treasury on behalf of the Government of Sri Lanka and other states, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies.

  • Provide legal support to the Ministry / its departments in legal, regulatory and other matters of a routine nature, when referred for advice.

  • Provide assistance to the Attorney General’s Department in defending court cases where the Secretary to the Treasury / officers of the Ministry have been made parties, including the preparation of observations, attending consultations, representing the Ministry in Court along with other relevant officials and facilitating follow up action incompliance with Court Orders / Judgments.

  • Attend Ministry related inquiries held by the Human Rights Commission, Labour Tribunals and such other commissions and tribunals.

  • Engage in research and development in an endeavour to contribute in the process of translating Government policy into legislations/regulations and other actions and collecting and maintaining research related books / material.

  • Collect and maintain legal statues and other reference and research material.




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