• Mobilize the financial resources and removal of the market impediments for the development of MSMEs.

  • Strengthen institutional capacities for development of financial markets.

  • Enhance rural entrepreneurship especially for low income entrepreneurs.

  • Financing for primary sector in line with Government policy framework.

  • Implementation of relevant budget proposals of each year.


  • Facilitate to formulate appropriate polices, strategies and programs for the development of MSMEs of the economy.

  • Monitor and Review the market data to Identify key issues and provide solutions to the smooth growth of the MSMEs and micro finance sectors.

  • Review Government Subsidy Schemes to ensure economic development and facilitate to formulate appropriate polices.

  • Facilitate innovative policies, strategies and programs where ever necessary for micro finance sector.

  • Facilitate in enacting legislations for banking, insurance, MSMEs and financial sector if the market review illustrates the need.

  • Implement budget proposals and donor funded projects related to MSME sector, primary sector and other sectors coming under the purview of this department.

  • Compile all data on MSME’s of Industrial, Agriculture and Service sectors and analyze to identify the impediments and policy interventions.

  • Facilitate annual budget preparation process of the Government in respect of MSME sector, Banking sector and financial market and other sectors coming under the purview of this department.

  • Oversee implementation of Government sponsored financial assistance schemes.

  • Arranging local bank financing for development projects in MSME finance sectors in line with the Government policy.




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1st Floor, Ministry of Finance, The Secretariat, Colombo 01.

Phone : +94 112 484 862

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