• Create a central database to record all non-financial assets belonging to the government.

  • Recording the correct value of the non-financial assets in government accounts.

  • Adhere to a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in a cost effective manner.

  • Collect due revenue from non-financial assets of the government and assist expenditure management.

  • Maximum utilization of government lands for investment and development activities.



  • Oversee the assets, material and cost management of the government.

  • Supervision of the management of government non financial assets through formulating regulations, collecting data and creating a centralized information system.

  • Efficient, Effective and economical utilization of government assets in order to prevent mismanagement and waste.

  • Improve collection of due revenue of non financial assets belonging to the environment.

  • Provide necessary guidance for the acquisition, maintenance and disposal of government assets.

  • To play the leadership and custodianship role in the management of non financial assets belonging to the government.

  • To function as the government asset information center.

  • Establish a proper depreciation procedure to the public assets





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